Saturday, February 26, 2011

tiny cakes & a coordinate

Hello, hello!

I had a lot of fun this week but I'm so glad it's finally over. I've been working my butt off at work all week and I'm glad for once I had nothing to do this weekend. However! I did have a fun week.

On Monday night a good friend of mine came up from Nagoya for work and she stayed at my house for a few days. She's hilarious, gorgeous and inspirational and I totally wish we got to see each other more often.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 I turned 24 years old. I'm not happy about it to be honest. I'm not sure if the boy I used to like gave me this complex or if I developed it on my own, but...I feel like once you get into your 20's you just start aging in the blink of an eye.

But apparently I like boys both a few years older than me or one year younger so, you now.

I was too tired to go out for my birthday but my friend Niki got me a gorgeous and tiny cake as a surprise.

Two of my coworkers also gave me chocolates and another gave me a tiny Duffy Bear! He's on my purse.

Wednesday night my friend Ebony and I went out to a live, got back late and spent a few hours at our favorite Saizeriya before coming back and crashing. Thursday and Friday were not easy but I'm always happy to spend time with my friends who I don't get to see often.

I was so tired though that I slept for 11 hours last night.(

Woke up and worked on a layout for the better part of the day. Getting the stories together, organizing images, fixing errors. All that's left is placing but it's still going to take me a little while longer. But!

To take a little break today, I met my roommate out in Sunshine City so we could hit Burger King.

I know. I live in Tokyo and I want to go to Burger King? Well stfu. Sometimes you just need a Whopper Jr. okay?

Despite that, somehow I ended up with a cute coordinate and we ended up with some super cute purikura.

I lost one of my fake Vivienne Westwood earrings! So sad. To be honest, I'm really really shy about showing my face on the internet because I honestly can find almost a million things wrong with it in a day but I'm trying to get over that.

This is hands done one of the best purikura machines I have ever used! The rest of them are really cute two but these two are my favorite.

That's it for now! Still in the works is my Kyushuu report and the live report but they may be very late as I need to finish this layout first.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

gaspard et Lisa & snow flurries

Ooooh wow, it's been a while hasn't it?

I have a lot of stuff to write about, but before I go any further, new nails!

Carry as usual. Don't think I'll ever go anywhere else to be honest. I finally figured out my favorite stylist's name and even though I was sad to hear she couldn't be my stylist on Saturday, apparently I heard wrong because surprise surprise she was! She's a year younger than me but she seems so much older and more mature. We always end up turning around and watching the hip-hop DVDs together and going, "Maaaaan, I wanna go to a club!"

I may be a big fan of the rock scene here but I really, really love hip-hop, too. Is that weird?

Anyway, during the stone-placing she kept saying, "These are so freakin' cute!" And and she ended up taking a picture of them for their sample book. I know they weren't my design but I still thought it was cool.

After my nail appointment, I went home to freshen up and headed over to Shibuya for an instore live at TOWER RECORDS but I'll make that a separate post later today.

To be honest, there's so much I want to write lately but I've just been so tired at the end of the day and the last two weekends have been fun (well, not the first of the two) but they weren't very restful so work has been wearing me down.

However! I was pleasantly surprised to come out of the subway the other day to see a ton of snow falling! I went back home expecting it to have stopped but on the contrary, around 11:00pm it looked like this!

I really wish my camera could have capture how pretty it was. :3

Also received some Valentine's Day chocolates, not from a boy, but from the vice-chief of my division. She's always taking care of me and her niece has a part-time job at a super-pricey candy-shop in either Tobu or Seibu's sweets section so she gave these to me as a little present. I was so touched!

They're from, naturally, Gaspard et Lisa. The OHP for it is here. So cute! I had such a hard time eating them because they were so cute.

And that's all for now! I have a layout to continue planning so if I have time later I'll try to make a little live report. :)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Aaaah do you ever feel like it's one of those weeks that's just going to go on forever? I've felt kind of down lately; mostly appearance-wise, but my mood's kind of off too. I'm hoping it's just the weather? It's been so so so cold here lately and it affects my skin so horribly.

On a happy note, a little write-about my meet-up with Caroline on Sunday!

A bit tired so I'll condense with some pictures. (*^▽^*)

First we went to CHAO-THAI (right in the same building as Argent Sue!) which Caroline recommended and it was so good! I honestly don't think I've had Thai food since I ate it while visiting Leah at Furman almost four years ago. It's been too long!

I had the Pad Siew.

After that we headed to 109 where Caroline attempted to hunt out some red frames from W♥C and I wanted some red pumps. Both (that day at least) ended in failure but it was still fun.

Though the staff-chan at Flag J did bring me about 6 pairs of red shoes that were not the kind of pumps I was looking for.

Bless you Flag J, staff-chan.

I did however manage to pick up a new pair of shorts at Durer! I'd never bought anything from them before but I've literally been wearing the hell out of my current pair that I picked up at Alta almost a year ago. Here's the new ones, though. I love the wash and the distressing.

I thought they'd be too small (they only had S and M) but both Caroline and the staff girl assured me they were totally fine. I loved our staff girl too because she actually had thighs and curves! We talked about how troublesome it was to actually, you know. Have a butt. :

Headed up to Dolly Kiss as well because I'm a sucker for all their 3 pairs for 1050 yen deals.

Only two here because I wore one home, haha.

When we came out of 109 it was actually snowing! Well, snow flurrying but still nice. It snowed so much in Atlanta when I was home for the holidays I shouldn't be saying "Yay snow!" But at least I know in Tokyo it won't stay.

We made our way to purikura after that and ended up picking a machine in the far back of the room. It didn't give me the best coloring but our crazy rakugaki made them really, really cute. This is my favorite one.

If you know who Mark Hamill is, you'll know I spelled his name wrong here. So ashamed.

Anyway, even though it was short I had such a good time! Caroline is really down-to-earth and easy to talk to and we always had stuff to talk about. I miss so much having other foreigner friends I can relate to here!

I mean, don't get me wrong; Tokyo is wonderful but it is what you make it. I have Japanese friends--coworker, girls who I've met and traveled with for bands and lives--but there's something really comforting about being with fellow "gaijin" who love the country as much as you do but can also acknowledge the parts that you side-eye or even the parts that down-right suck.

And speaking of "foreign friends" I get to see two very dear friends in the next two weeks! This weekend I get to meet my friend from South Africa who I've known for yeeeeears online but we've never met in person. We met through the Gazette almost five years ago yet ironically we're both going to see girugamesh in Chiba on Saturday. I'm super excited!

Theeeen the following week will be a 3-day work week for me as I'll take a day off in addition to an already 3-day weekend to go see one of my very best friends who JETs down in Kyushuu. Haven't seen her in over a year and she's a really, really dear friend of mine and I've been looking forward to this trip since November.

So super busy but I'm pretty much ridiculously excited.

I'll probably be dead for a few days so maybe a mini-live report/update on Saturday or Sunday?
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