Sunday, February 20, 2011

gaspard et Lisa & snow flurries

Ooooh wow, it's been a while hasn't it?

I have a lot of stuff to write about, but before I go any further, new nails!

Carry as usual. Don't think I'll ever go anywhere else to be honest. I finally figured out my favorite stylist's name and even though I was sad to hear she couldn't be my stylist on Saturday, apparently I heard wrong because surprise surprise she was! She's a year younger than me but she seems so much older and more mature. We always end up turning around and watching the hip-hop DVDs together and going, "Maaaaan, I wanna go to a club!"

I may be a big fan of the rock scene here but I really, really love hip-hop, too. Is that weird?

Anyway, during the stone-placing she kept saying, "These are so freakin' cute!" And and she ended up taking a picture of them for their sample book. I know they weren't my design but I still thought it was cool.

After my nail appointment, I went home to freshen up and headed over to Shibuya for an instore live at TOWER RECORDS but I'll make that a separate post later today.

To be honest, there's so much I want to write lately but I've just been so tired at the end of the day and the last two weekends have been fun (well, not the first of the two) but they weren't very restful so work has been wearing me down.

However! I was pleasantly surprised to come out of the subway the other day to see a ton of snow falling! I went back home expecting it to have stopped but on the contrary, around 11:00pm it looked like this!

I really wish my camera could have capture how pretty it was. :3

Also received some Valentine's Day chocolates, not from a boy, but from the vice-chief of my division. She's always taking care of me and her niece has a part-time job at a super-pricey candy-shop in either Tobu or Seibu's sweets section so she gave these to me as a little present. I was so touched!

They're from, naturally, Gaspard et Lisa. The OHP for it is here. So cute! I had such a hard time eating them because they were so cute.

And that's all for now! I have a layout to continue planning so if I have time later I'll try to make a little live report. :)

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