Tuesday, September 20, 2011

kyoto day two

Almost two months late (seriously?!) but I finally had time to sit down and edit some more photos from mine and Ri's trip to Kyoto in July. I did have this ambitious goal to edit all of them but that was quickly abandoned.

For now, onto part two!

The first day that we got there we actually had a live to cover so after eating about seven different times, we decided to try to walk to the livehouse from our ryokan. Deeefinitely not as close as we expected.

The live was great and both of us kept thinking if we hadn't come for "work" that it would have been tons of fun to get down in the dance pit. Hopefully we'll be able to post more about this after our interviews etc have been posted!

The next morning we got up very early and met Ri's friend for breakfast by the station before heading out for the day.

We took the bus over towards Kiyomizu Temple and I ended up taking way too many pictures.

Kiyomizu was gorgeous and I really, really wish I had the time, money and the vacation days to go visit in the fall as well. For now, some "project" work to do, then early bed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

music debut

I haven't updated in almost two months! I can't believe it! To be honest, ever since Ri and I got back from Kyoto towards the end of July, August got insanely busy and I barely had time to sleep or call my parents much less blog.

Most of you probably don't remember,  especially since I barely blog lately, but back in April I mentioned helping out an acquaintance's band with something and now, after almost 4 months I can finally talk about it! 

Recently I received FEAR FROM THE HATE's first full album, "Birthday of 12 Questions as a present. Want to know why? Look really closely at the names, notice anything?

If you missed it, miss wave! Vocalists MEG of ARTEMA and Taama of ROACH lent their voices to this album as well.

Okay so in my case, it's not an actual singing debut but this is certainly the first time I've ever participated in anything like this and I'm really thankful to the members for giving me this opportunity. I'm happy to have participated--even if it was just a little bit--on what turned out to be a really great album.

For those curious↓↓

FEAR FROM THE HATE is an indies post hardcore/emo-core band from Tokyo. Their music is electronic and very easy to listen to with elements of metal and screaming thrown in as well. If you're in the Tokyo area, I definitely recommend going to a show of theirs. They usually play with a lot of other really great acts as well.  The PV for their single "Paint a trip party" below.

I realize that metal or emo-core etc may not suit a lot of the tastes of my readers but I wanted to post this anyway because this was a really big deal for me and inadvertently has been gradually opening more and more doors for me along the way and hope I'll get to work with them again in the future.
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