Saturday, May 05, 2018

lifestyle diaries #001

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Instead of eating any kind of Mexican food, we had Italian and ramen. I think we're doing it wrong, haha.

Sitting here blogging on the couch next to my bf while he watches baseball. Yay, go Braves! I'm not a sports person, but I guess that's what I'm supposed to say.

I was thinking of starting a "lifestyle diaries" series. And by that I mean, I am entirely too lazy and uncreative to think of a witty title for each entry so this is easier.


Finally got my springtime takoyaki! I definitely have my moments where I miss Japan, but I feel like I miss it the most in spring. Especially hanami, beer, and takoyaki. Not necessarily in that order. I used to run to Kanda River from my old apartment in Ikebukuro and just look at the blossoms, but my favorite was definitely that yatai stall food + beer combo. Unfortunately, I don't know if there's anywhere in Atlanta that I can see hanami and have beer. Or Japanese food for that matter.

So instead we went to Shoya, a pretty reasonably priced and unfancy Japanese izakaya here. In order: tonpei-yaki, our spread incl. unagi, yaki-onigiri, and pork belly, squid legs, and my beloved, beloved takoyaki. I think this was...last Saturday.


I've been craving cream sauce pasta lately so last night we went to Saba close to Emory. I got the fettucine alfredo with mixed veggies and grilled chicken. The interior is small, but the vibe was really good and I loved their Cinco de Mayo decor.


Today was a good day.

Had a nice lazy morning, ordered a strapless bra and tried to figure out what I want to buy between Marine Layer and Reformation, cleaned a bit.

After lunch we decided to walk around Virginia Highlands, saw a $1.25 million dollar house that was not worth that much, and got our nice 1.5 hour stroll in. Our neighborhood coffee shop closes at 4pm on Saturday so we went a little further to Clarkston to check out Refuge Coffee.

So glad we went here! I love what they're doing so I have to talk about it.

Clarkston has a pretty big refugee population and Refuge Coffee was created as a place to foster community and give refugees opportunities to learn about the coffee business.

I'm horrible at explaining things, so here's a blurb:

Refuge Coffee Co., a 501c3 non-profit business, exists to serve the global community in Clarkston through coffee-related job creation, job training, social networking, and commerce.
We dream of a more vibrant Clarkston, one where refugees have opportunities to thrive. Where they from survival in their first days here to building a life. Where people from greater Atlanta and beyond discover the multi-textured beauty of a global culture right here in our own backyard.

Not only was the coffee pretty damn good, but I can really get behind what they're doing.

You're a good little, big city Atlanta.

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