Wednesday, February 19, 2014

shimokita bunny cafe

So this happened like, a while ago. Which is predictable but hey, bunnehs. I'm also not quite sure why it takes me so long to update this blog; honestly once I sit down and commit it only takes me about 30-45 minutes to edit photos and blog. Well, depending on how many photos there are, haha.


So last month Jessi and I went to check out the bunny cafe in Shimokitazawa! And yes, I say bunnies and not rabbits. Way cuter.

It was a Monday...I think that we went? We figured we wouldn't need a reservation, but when we got there, they were completely full and we had about an hour to kill around Shimokita. Unfortunately we'd already gotten lunch so we just puttered around.

When we got back to the cafe, we ordered our drinks and changed into Crocs before we could enter the little "bunny room".

Seriously though. YOU GUYS.

THEY WERE SO CUTE. Like really bunnnies, get out. 

It was so relaxing! You're allowed to hold them, but for some reason I didn't? Maybe I was afraid if I picked one up and I'd beeline it for the door or something, haha. They were all super cute but the black one and the B&W one were my favorites. Love, love, love lop-eared bunnies.

The little brown one--Peter Rabbit I think?---was cute too but man. He literally kept trying to hump everybody. They seemed used to it but seriously. Slow your roll, Peter.

We opted to stay for an hour so plus drink it was about 1400 yen total. I got an amaretto late, Jessi an orange drink. It's a little pricey but they only let so many people in the little room at a time so it's surprisingly private. Afterwards, purikura time!

10 points if you can find the Zoolander and Supernatural references :D

Also I'm not really trying to make this a cafe review blog or anything but I guess it would help if I start putting the addresses and such?


Station: Shimokitazawa (South Exit)
Address:  2-18-5 2F Kitazawa, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3410-5299
Hours: 12:00-20:00

We went around 4:30pm on a Monday if that helps! I imagine it's obviously much more crowded on the weekends.

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