Monday, September 30, 2013

shibuya nights & bottled coca-cola

Geki Rock 10th Anniversary, ROACH oneman, and my friend's birthday party. Consolidation, just because. :)

2013.08.22 | Geki Rock 10th Anniversary

My friend invited us to club asia that night as he was one of the guest DJ's for the event. All night event and 3 floors (actually only two floors and 3 rooms) but it was a lot of fun! I don't drink that much anymore but it's always nice to see friends and listen to good music. Even if it's not a show. Guest DJ's included Miya of MUCC, Daisuke of ROACH, Julian of ASHLEY SCARED THE SKY, and Jorge of wrong city

Plus one of the DJ's played New Found Glory and Simple Plan. Oh hay thar high school. :D

Happy 10th Anniversary, Geki Rock! ♫

2013.08.23 | ROACH oneman @ Shibuya Milkyway

ROACH were the very first band I met in this scene and I really love their music a lot. I couldn't get in the pit myself since I broke my toe a couple of weeks ago and still didn't trust it to not get crushed among tons of two-steppers but still. Oneman still means lots of songs to listen to. :3

Their new EP comes out on October 2nd so check it out if you're in need of new music!

2013.08.25 | Birthday Time

My friend had his birthday last week at a recording studio here in Tokyo. I'd never been to a party in a recording studio and the atmosphere was really nice and chill.

Yesterday...Lisa and I headed to Shinjuku to do a video comment with Okinawa hardcore band, SHORES. I'll have it up on trick/rock. as soon as I'm done editing!

Why yes. I'm going to avoid wearing pants for as long as I possibly can. NO PANTS FOR LIFE.
 Mostly caught up on posts! Still have that final Okinawa one sitting around, though XD

Hope everyone enjoys what's left of their weekend!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

golden gai

After the Square Enix Cafe, dish and I attempted to find our way back to Shinjuku Station (or maybe Uniqlo for socks, which ever came first) and somehow ended up in Golden Gai. I'd only ever been here once with Ri last year so I was happy to stumble on it again.

And I'm gonna stay "stumble" so I don't let on how two girls with iPhones and a good 'old UGA edjumacation got so sidetracked. Again. :D

Sorry for the slight grainy quality on some of these! Still have a lot of playing around with well, just about everything on my camera XD Also seriously. DAT CAT ♡

Just as we were getting ready to head out, I tried to sneak a shot inside one of the bars and got caught, haha. Everyone inside seemed so friendly so they invited us inside for a drink or two before we headed off again. Seriously nice group of people here! ♡

After that we headed off to Geki Rock which I'll try to consolidate in a post with Monday's show. Hope everyone's having a lovely week!

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

square enix cafe

This past Sunday I went to the Square Enix Cafe in Shinjuku with dish ♡ Though I haven't had time play anything in years, I actually used to be really into video games. Zelda was always my most abused drug of choice but I really loved Kingdom Hearts and some of the FF games. Nice to step into my past, though! Plus I'm basically always down for a cute cafe.

The restaurant is inside of an egg, literally. I thought it was just an entrance and the rest of it expanded underground but it's actually quite small so just in case be prepared to wait! It's also closer to Shinjuku 3-chome Station so I'd recommend going from there if you're not keen on walking. Though if you're as directionally challenged as me, you can always count on iPhone or Google maps to save your bacon regardless of what train station you come from.

Menu is in English and Japanese and the staff are also fluent in English! Just in case. Drinks are all cleverly named after in-game potions etc which was really neat. Really wanted to try one but I was saving my money for something else X3


Shrimp Rice

Bacon & Tomato Foccacia

To be honest, the portions are quite small for the prices but everything did taste really good. Especially dat bacon. Everyone loves bacon, okay. :B

dish opted for the Bavarian Creme in a Chocobo mug but I'd been eyeing the strawberry pancakes ever since they set them down in front of the two boys next to us on their Man-Date. Seriously delicious and almost too cute to eat. Almost.

Did I mention I love pancakes more than bacon? Cuz I do.

I would have liked to have taken more pictures of the interior but I wasn't sure to what extent they were allowed so I stuck with food and a what-I-thought-was-a-sneaky-shot, haha.

To be honest, a lot of stress hit me at once over the past...month now, I guess? So honestly I haven't had the energy or desire to blog nor really any content that was worth reading. However! Things have recently started looking up again and this past weekend was really great with this cafe, Golden Gai, a Geki Rock event and a show yesterday so I can slowly feel my motivation coming back so yaaay! :3

Oh and unrelated but I also finally started watching True Blood. And by that I mean I watched the first three seasons in two weeks. I'm not proud of it.

I'll try to keep it to a minimum but.

That is all.

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