Sunday, July 28, 2013

oki-fucking-nawa!! part II

Oki-fucking-nawa Day 2!! Up early for tarts, snorkeling, taco rice as big as your head, a bumpy jeep ride and a good old metal show.

 We woke up pretty early and headed to breakfast while we waited for our friend Daisuke to pick us up to go snorkeling.

There was a ton of traffic that day so we busied ourselves at Saion Square! And of course, our traditional pseudo-hobbit second breakfast.

After, the drive to the beach! Naha is pretty far south on the main island but our snorkeling place was a bit farther north. The drive was a little bumpy--and especially so when you're in the backseat without a seatbelt but--as Daisuke said, "It's Okinawa so you'll be fine." Apprehensive about the lack of seatbelt as I was, riding in a car is something I really miss about the states so :D

Snorkeling was amazing! I honestly haven't gone snorkeling since I was 7 years old in Sanibel Island; chubby little thing pretending to be Ariel while my little brother slept off the Dramamine next to Captain Randy on the tiny boat.

This was so much better. I would have taken photos of the actual snorkeling location but you kind of had to go down these stone steps on the side of the cliff and go right into the water from a ledge of rocks. Tons of people and needless to say I was a little afraid of letting my phone swim with Nemo.

Who we totally saw by the way! Along with a ton of other really beautiful fish. Honestly, it was really moving. I could spend forever next to the ocean.

This wasn't the actual snorkeling location but somewhere we stopped before heading back to Naha.

On the way back we stopped at King Tacos for the most authentic and gargantuan taco rice you will ever see in your life. Maybe. At least mine. I was told I wouldn't be able to finish it.

I did. :D

After that we headed to Okinawa Cyber-Box for a video comment with Tokyo-based Her Name in Blood's show. We also got to see Okinawan hardcore band Shores! You can check out both bands on Youtube here and here. :3

We have a video comment by Her Name in Blood and some instagrams of both them and Shores on our webmagazine trick/rock. so check them out if you have some time!

Day 3 coming soon!

♡ miss wave 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

oki-fucking-nawa!! part I


I've always wanted to go to Okinawa so I'm really happy that Ri and I finally got the chance to go together. Anyway, I digress. There's a ton of photos so I'll keep the text to a minimum.

After landing, Ri and I were dismayed to find at least 8,000 children-pre-teen-monsters on their schooltrip hogging the baggage lanes. Literally 8,000. And by that I mean, about 200. But still. We wanted to beat them to the monorail. :D

First we stopped by Zooton's to quell the blood-sugar exhaustion with the most delicious--and beautiful--avocado burger you've ever seen. 

After that we explored Kokusai Street, the main shopping area in Naha City.

We didn't really have a plan for the day so we ended up walking around everywhere. I love the way the buildings looked.

After that we quite literally stumbled upon this little teahouse. They're actually famous for something called buku-buku tea but it was so hot we opted for dem ice cold beverages. Tasted just like southern lemonade!

Making our way back to Kokusai Street.

Finally Blue Seal icecream! We ended up running into our friend Mittan by complete chance here which was really nice. Blue Seal icecream was first introduced to Okinawa by the military years and years ago and the funny thing is there's actually one in Ikebukuro but I'd never made it up there. Kind of nice to have the first experience in Okinawa. I ended up going for strawberry cheesecake x chinsuko ice cream. Predictable. :3

Anyway that took infinitely longer than I expected so hopefully I can have the other parts up within the week ♫

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