Tuesday, July 26, 2011

kyoto day one

I have so many things to write about but unfortunately not nearly enough time to cover even half of them.

For now though, part 1 of my trip to Kyoto with Ri! I had been planning on going in August with my family when they came to visit me but unfortunately due to various things going on in America, I'll be going back to visit my family over summer holiday instead.

Things have been kind of hectic lately and I really just wanted to pop out of Tokyo for a bit and breathe.

Kyoto Station

Kyoto Tower

We hopped on a night bus at on Friday night at about 10:30pm out of Shinjuku and arrived at Kyoto Station at about 6:00am on Saturday morning. Not nearly as tough as I thought it would be. Though I do have absolutely the worst time sleeping on moving vehicles.

Stopped for breakfast at Mister Donuts and walked around a bit before having second breakfast at a little cafe on the way to our ryokan. We were such fantastic little hobbits when it came to meals that day.

We had something to do that night so we spent most of the day walking around and...eating. A lot more.

I swear my arms aren't that skinny IRL.

This is kind of vulgar but it needed posting.

Bath house from Spirited Away, anyone?

I do kind of hate when people post only these types of Japan photos but to be honest, I've lived in modern Tokyo so long it was really nice to get out and see something different. It's taken me a year and a half to finally visit Kyoto but I'm so glad I did.

More tomorrow!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Yet another belated entry! Usually my life is so busy during the week, when I get home from work I'm so tired I usually just end up watching Criminal Minds and pining endlessly over Dr. Spencer Reid. Then by the time my weekend rolls around I get really busy again and end up running out of time to blog. It's a vicious cycle.

Anyway, went to HOOTERS by Akasaka-Mitsuke the other weekend with my roommate(s). It was one of those days where I could find absolutely nothing to wear in my closet. Plus it made me wish I'd bought this SLY sweater back in March in black instead of grey.


Mine and my roommate's dear friend from Australia is staying with us right now so please ignore the futon behind me.

Around this time I also went to a few shows with Ri and my other friend including one at Marble in Shinjuku. This was such a good show and had a lot of really great bands performing in it.

The same week we also went to another show at ANTIKNOCK and felt it necessary to commemorate with purikura.

If you're wondering, DAMSELFISH is my session band. Or well, what I hope I can make into a session band. Anyone in the Tokyo area who can play drums or bass, please let me know, haha.

Also speaking of bands, today Izzie and I interviewed FEAR FROM THE HATE for their first interview geared towards overseas readers. We had a hard time finding a spot but ended up settling on a nice outdoor cafe. Thanks for a great interview guys!

While Izzie and I were waiting, we stopped into Tower Records and I picked up this.

Along with a flyer for 激ロック!

I saw Ashley Scared the Sky for the first time recently at a show at Black Hole in Ikebukuro. I had gone to see another band that I'm hoping to cover an event for and, though I had never heard of the above band, I was so impressed with their set I bought their EP today.

Tonight I also went out to eat with Caroline and her K-Man at T.G.I.Friday's. We even dragged the poor man to purikura. Sorry Kenjer!

I have so many blogs I want to catch up on so hopefully I will do that tomorrow instead of TV...
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