Sunday, October 08, 2017

hello again.

For some reason, I'm having a really hard time writing this "I'm back!" entry. On LiveJournal, I never cared about how/what I wrote because the only people reading it were my closest friends. With blogger, it's a bit different because it's public.

When I was updating in Japan, I was actively trying to be a "japan blogger". I felt like I had to write a certain way and because I had my music journalism gig on the side, I felt like I had to portray the version of "miss wave" I wanted people to see.

I didn't initially think this, but the more I thought about reviving my blog the more I wanted it to feel like my early days of blogging. AKA, this is what I did today. This is what made me mad, this is what made me happy, this is what made me cry.

Earlier today, I read an old entry about my first couple days in Japan and seeing girugamesh at an instore gig. I had completely forgotten about it. Like, entirely. I mean, I know I just turned 30 in February, but I feel like I shouldn't be forgetting things that quickly.

About a month after I moved back, I made a post basically saying the same thing. That I want this blog to be more personal and less branded. Obviously, I kept that on the back burner for almost 2 years, but I feel really excited about starting up again.

It's been a gloomy rainy Sunday because of Hurricane-Tropical-Depression (whatever it is now) Nate, and I've had that same kind of excitement I felt every time I was working on a blog refresh or I starting something new. Just feels good to do something. 

And by do something, I mean something productive. I think it's a part of my personality that I feel kind of lost when I'm not doing something like this. I really had to learn how to relax since coming back to the states and I've learned well. I watch a lot of Bravo, play a lot of Sims 3, and spend way too much time on Pinterest. The only thing I've really been diligent about is exercising and eating healthy.

Despite being really frustrated and angry with our current administration, on the whole a lot of good things have happened to me over the past two years. They were some tough spots, but for me personally, the good well outweighed the bad.

I'd like to try to post some of those (mostly trips) because I really like having a blog to come and look back on them later.

But...we'll see how long it takes me to get those up, haha.



  1. I've always been and always will be a loyal follower of yours and your journey because you don't post these lengthy pseudo-poetic bullsh*t texts along with wistful neo-hipster images. And I feel you, I've just recently remembered the password to one of my many, many Livejournals and... oh boy, while it's cringeworthy to go through all my old entries, I re-remember situations and events I've long forgotten about. Thank god we still have them!

    1. Thank you, love! There may still be some neo-hipster images sprinkled in (because we're transitional hipsters, ya know) but on the whole I just want to blog the way I used to on LJ. And I totally know what you mean! I re-read through some entries when I first moved back and was like, oh lawd XD


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