Thursday, June 16, 2011

"a wish to end the tragedy" release party

Recently I was asked, "Hey yeah! Promote us!" when I told the guitarist of ARTEMA that I had a music, fashion, and lifestyle blog. That live is next week. This one I wasn't asked to write about but it's one that I wanted to anyway. 

2011.06.12(sun) 「A Wish To End The Tragedy」Release Party!!

 hosted by FEAR FROM THE HATE at THE GAME in Shibuya.

Situated right by PARCO and miu miu in Shibuya and right under Milkway and almost on top of Chelsea Hotel. I'd never been to GAME before but more than a livehouse it felt like a club. It's also much newer than Milkway so it felt a little more...fancy? 

Anyway. The purpose of the event was to promote an eponymous compilation CD--A Wish to End the Tragedy--by various artists in the Japanese metal/screamo/hardcore scene as well as similar artists from Europe and America as well. Proceeds are donated to the relief efforts for the Tohoku Earthquake and well, a lot of really great bands participated in it. 

Of course if you don't like heavy music this may not be your cup of tea but...

My friend who I've recently started to cover events with took some really great photos during the live with her normal digital camera. Why doesn't my normal camera take such good photos? 

© izzie

Most of these bands I've seen before but a few of them were new for me. What's amazing to me however, is Japanese musicians (or people in general) see something they like and replicate it so effortlessly. It's like they look, observe, comprehend and do. They look like foreign metal/screamo bands, they sound like foreign metal/screamo bands, they're just not. It's actually really impressive.

I love girly fashion and I'll be the first person to hop on a Spice Girls or Avril Lavigne song at karaoke but for some inexplicable reason I really, really like metal. I love the way it sounds and I love the energy you get from it. Like somehow it makes me feel stronger? I don't know. Some of it can be just as superficial as pop I'm sure but from what I hear, I like. Even if I don't understand all of it, if I can feel it that's all that matters to me. 

Of course it's not everyone's scene but if you're near any of the bands in this genre, I say definitely give them a shot. 


I have 3 lives next week; 2 of which I'm attending and 1 of which I'm covering. I'm going to be exhausted but I'm really looking forward to it. Also going to Sendai this weekend so I probably won't have time to blog again before I leave. Sorry I'm so behind on reading too!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

chocoholic cafe

Today's super I'm-so-late entry will be about Chocoholic Cafe! A lovely little sweets cafe that I visited for the first time with Ri in the middle of a torrential downpour last weekend. I'd already been a bit sick and now I have full-blown bronchitis --which is awesome--but it was really fun nonetheless.

Such a dreary day ;___;
New shoes from Esperanza & F21 Dress :3
Going down into the station from Roppongi Hills

I had to go to Roppongi Hills that morning for a press conference for LUNA SEA that I completely wasn't prepared for but managed to turn out pretty well. It was really interesting to be witness to a part of the music scene in Japan that I'd come into contact years and years before. It was an opportunity I never though I would get so I hope I can continue to do a good job in the future. Here's my article for those curious!

After that I met up with Ri at Ebisu Station and we began the walk to Chocoholic Cafe in the torrential downpour. It's kind of situated between Ebisu & Daikanyama Stations so it's a little bit of a walk but I really loved the route we took.

And then finally we arrived! 

This is their store--filled with so many cute things you will cry--that's situated on top of the cafe. The cafe is down the stairs to the right and, because it was raining so hard were actually somewhat terrifying to go down.

Fresh ham & vegetable gratin

My face cake!

Ri's face cake!

This place was actually one of the cutest places I've been in a while.

It's really tiny and the atmosphere was so relaxed. The perfect place to spend an icky, rainy day. The price is a bit high--normal for Japan--but if you want the full experience of real food + the dessert expect to spend about 1500-2000 yen.

But I mean really. Are you going to pass up bear cakes with faces on them? Really.

For more info you can check out their OHP here. They're only open until 7:30pm and they're closed every Monday though so it's definitely not somewhere you can loiter all night like Starbucks or something (and there's no Wi-Fi which we were hoping) but the atmosphere is wonderful and perfect for a rainy day.
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