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Nippon Project
2012.09.20 AN CAFE@ Yoyogi National Gymnasium - "Age of Exploration"
2012.07.29 Interview with THE CREATOR OF 
2011.12.11 Interview with girugamesh at V-ROCK Festival 2011
2011.10.15 L'Arc~en~Ciel at Saitama Super Arena 2011-09-10 (Day One)
2011.07.28 girugamesh at Zepp Tokyo
2011.06.16 Press conference of LUNA SEA 3D in LOS ANGELES premiere in Tokyo

2013.04.19 NSDP Interview @ Ruido K2
2012.04 .21 Oneman of 12 Songs
2011.12.08 ARTEMETAL Party @Shinjuku Antiknock


Videos that I've shot & edited. 

2014.09.26『TJ x Daiki x Umebo』Her Name in Blood
2014.09.25『The Resolution Promo』Take Ambulance
2014.09.23 HEŸT @ Otsuka Deepa
2014.08.28『RBLOTR 2014』HenLee
2014.05.23『Pepe’s Dream』Moss
2014.07.11『"Faces" Release Party』FAKE FACE
2014.04.04『Japan Expo』Message from LOKA 
2014.03.30  Ken from After Tonight  
2014.03.16『Punk Goes 90's Promo』FEAR FROM THE HATE
2014.03.15『Life as a Ghost Tour Final!!』wrong city
2014.03.14『7th Anniversary Oneman』Secret 7 Line 
2014.03.06『TIGER PIT』Shige x Takuya
2014.02.07『Kickoff Party!!』Make My Day
2014.02.02『Monster Box』MEG x Sam x taama x ko-hey
2014.02.02『Monster Box』ARTEMA x Eskimo Callboy
2014.01.28 Silhouette from the Skylit @ The Roxy
2013.12.18 Survive Said the Prophet at Shibuya Game 
2013.11.03 NSDP @ Shibuya Ruido K2 
2013.11.01 ROACH @ Shimokitazawa Shelter
2013.10.25 JOSY @ Ikebukuro ADM
2013.10.04 ASHLEY'S NAME IN BLOOD | Drum Ver
2013.10.04 ASHLEY'S NAME IN BLOOD | Bass Ver
2013.10.04 ASHLEY'S NAME IN BLOOD | Guitar Ver
2013.09.28 SHORES @ Shinjuku Ongakukan
2012.08.03 FEAR FROM THE HATE @ Shibuya Cyclone
2013.07.13 Her Name in Blood @ Shibuya Club Asia
2013.06.29 Her Name in Blood @ Okinawa Cyber Box
2013.06.15 Five New Old @ Shibuya The GAME
2013.05.25 Ashley Scared the Sky Video @ Shibuya CYCLONE
2013.04.24 Silhouette from the Skylit Shibuya club asia
2013.04.19 NSDP @ Shibuya Ruido K2


Vocals featured on the following releases.

2013.08.02 "Alice" (FEAR FROM THE HATE)
2013.01.09 "1961" (FEAR FROM THE HATE)
2011.08.17 "Birthday of 12 Questions" (FEAR FROM THE HATE)  

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