Wednesday, April 25, 2018

thumbs up

Feels kinda weird to just sit down and write a blog with no rhyme or reason. Sunday night I was really feeling like, "Man, I want to write! I have things to write!" And now it's Wednesday and I'm like, what did I want to write about again?

Sunday we went to Thumbs Up Diner in downtown Decatur for brunch and then to Zentea afterwards. It was super rainy and blah all day, but I still managed to do blogilates. Sunday Bunday ya'll! Can't skip that. We also braved the Farmer's Market which is kind of a nightmare before 8pm on the weekend. 😭

What else, oh I watched Vanderpump Rules Monday night. It's my Monday thing.

I'm kind of a Stassi fan this season, not gonna lie. She's pretty funny.

Honestly, I had this intent to write my thoughts on the episode, but we're nearing the end of the season so this episode felt kind of filler. Can you have filler in a reality show?

Tbh, lately I'm looking more forward to Southern Charm. Makes me want to go to Charleston every.damn.time.

Oh, and yesterday I finally attempted the 100 Burpee Burnout and finished it! I still can't do a one-legged burpee and literally fell over when I attempted the one-arm version, but at least I tried. I really have such weak upper body strength, haha.

Random, but lately I want to buy almost everything from Reformation. Currently trying to narrow down my wishlist, but I still have to scroll through my favorites for way too long. Sigh.

Hmm, I felt like I had more to write, but I guess not. All for now, I guess!

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  1. Girrrrrrl, I am so proud that you are sticking to the blogilates. I need to get back to that, not just for looks but because it feels nice to actually have some muscle and be able to challenge your body.

    I see you tweeting about this show every now and then and I was like what is this show?? haha I might look into it :D


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