Tuesday, October 17, 2017

amelia island 2015

So, I've been pondering for the past couple days how I should post about the past two years. Trips mostly, but the quandary is: to go backwards or post chronologically?

Riveting, I know. 

Aaaaand because I knowmy OCD will nag at me later, I'll start with the very first trip of 2015. And yes. These are literally all photos from my Instagram. I am now realizing that about 90% of my photos are taken on the square setting (T_T)

Welcome to 2015!

For the past couple of years, whenever I came back from Japan for winter break, my family and I have been visiting a beach somewhere in the south. It's a nice little family trip and I also like visiting new places, especially ones within driving distance.

This time we went to Amelia Island,  just south of Cumberland Island and north of Jacksonville, Florida. If I remember correctly we went just before New Years.

Our first stop was Fort Clinch State Park, just north of the condo we stayed in. I really love old brick and wooden structures and the slightly cold temps and wind made for a pretty cool atmosphere. I wish I had written this sooner so I could remember more, though!

We also took a drive a bit further south to visit St. Augustine. We visited Castillo de San Marcos, which initially, I was way too excited for due to it being featured on one of my guilty pleasure Ghost Adventures, but sadly it was way too crowded. Also stopped for coffee (probably the last time I ever drank a sweet coffee at this point) and visited Flagler College, formerly the Ponce de Leon Hotel. Gorgeous campus! Wish there hadn't been so much construction going on so we could have seen more.

We also explored St. Augustine beach after checking out the city. Bit chilly since it was, you know January, but I'm pretty much always have to be by the water. You can also drive on this beach! 

For our last day, we explored the beaches on Amelia Island. I don't quite remember how we got here. This wasn't a crowded beach, kinda like...well, I remember parking towards the side of a bridge (one in the last photo) and walking down through some grass to an almost inlet-like beach. It was very secluded, quiet and peaceful. We were intially looking for those craggy-looking beach trees up there and ended up finding panther tracks instead.

○ ● ○ ● ○

Now that I think about it, this was pretty much right before we got our pomeranian Finn! I was actually just wondering, "What did we do with the dog, then?"

I still have plenty more to post, (oh god, so much more), but I guess it's a start? These will probably be more picture heavy since...it's been a while and now I can't remember all the little details, haha.


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