Wednesday, August 28, 2013

aoyama flower market tea house

After about a 6+ year internet acquaintance, I had to chance to meet up with the lovely Miss Anna of Fenua Beauté yesterday. Flowers, makeup and the non-painful realization that we are, in fact, transitional hipsters.

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is a gorgeous little cafe hidden in the back of a flower shop. It's closest to Exit A5 of Omotesando Station and despite the fact that we inititally walked right past it, super easy to find.

Rose soda, bacon-something-or-other on foccacia bread my brain mostly just said HELLYES foccacia bread and rose parfait. I'm normally not big on drinks or sweets with a floral flavor or aroma but all of the above were surprising easy to eat/drink! If nothing else, I highly recommend the rose parfait. It's deceptively filling for it's size too which is always a plus. :3

Exposed brick,  the sound of trickling water from various fountains, and plants literally everywhere. I honestly have no idea what the upkeep for this place must be like but it's got to be worth it for such lovely atmosphere.

The flower shop out front was equally as beautiful! If I had any discernible talent tending plants I would have considered getting one but seeing as how I can't even keep a cactus alive, I chose to only temporary admire. Regretting not getting anything just a tiny bit now, though.

After lunch Anna and I walked to Shibuya where I made some very mature purchasing decisions.

If my 17 year old self could see the music I listen to now, I'm pretty sure she'd just roll over and replay Marmalade Chainsaw one more time. Honestly, I never wanted to like Lana Del Rey but I cannot stop listening to ♫ Dark Paradise.

After Tower Records we did a bit of shopping Parco before heading to purikura. According to Anna, we found the perfect machine for whities.

All of the cafe shots are actually from my Canon! I bought it when I was back in the states, mostly because I wanted to practice shooting shows, but also because I wanted to start documenting my life here with something other than an iPhone. The problem is I find carrying it around to cumbersome and to be perfectly honest, I'm somewhat lazy.

However! Having Anna long gave me a good excuse to shoot with my "real camera" as well and she has such lovely photos on her blog it kind of inspired me to stop being so lazy myself. Let's see if I can improve over the next couple of months!

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