Wednesday, August 14, 2013

mosh it loud 2013 & zushi

So I still have two Okinawa posts to get up but I thought I'd write about this. Before it gets too late. Again. I'm also currently watching Gangs of New York for the first time and am thoroughly distracted by Leo in period clothing but hey.

About two weeks ago, I went to Mosh it Loud 2013, the third installment of a multi-band event hosted by Fear from the Hate, at CYCLONE in Shibuya. I've known them for almost 3 years and I'm proud to say I've now been on three of their releases! Birthday of 12 Questions, 1961 and most recently Alice. Not as a singer or anything but I still got to lend my native English and have a good time. :)

We did a mini video comment and longer video interview that will be up on trick/rock. soon. And by that I mean as soon as I get some free time. Which will hopefully be soon. I hope.

Anyway, other bands wereeee...

FFTH made custom staff passes this time! 


THE Hitch Lowke




Anyway it was a lot of fun and I got to see a lot of friends that I wasn't expecting which was nice. Passed on the afterparty since I had to get up early to go to the beach with friends the next day. First time back at the beach since Okinawa! And off to Zushi we went.

Corona is really so basic but ahh, with a lime? Damn straight mas fina. 

Bit of a cloudy day but still hot as all.

I really like this shot for some reason!

Oh! Also because having 3 tumblrs--yes three--ends up ruining my life in more and more interesting and surprising ways every day, ever since I saw this picture on tumblr I was bound and determined to find a Supreme hat. MISSION COMPLETE.

Still kinda want the white version of this, too but we'll see. XDD

Been run completely ragged by work for the past two weeks so I'm really hoping to get back into the gym, video editing, and blogging again over the next couple of weeks!

♡ miss wave

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