Thursday, September 26, 2013

golden gai

After the Square Enix Cafe, dish and I attempted to find our way back to Shinjuku Station (or maybe Uniqlo for socks, which ever came first) and somehow ended up in Golden Gai. I'd only ever been here once with Ri last year so I was happy to stumble on it again.

And I'm gonna stay "stumble" so I don't let on how two girls with iPhones and a good 'old UGA edjumacation got so sidetracked. Again. :D

Sorry for the slight grainy quality on some of these! Still have a lot of playing around with well, just about everything on my camera XD Also seriously. DAT CAT ♡

Just as we were getting ready to head out, I tried to sneak a shot inside one of the bars and got caught, haha. Everyone inside seemed so friendly so they invited us inside for a drink or two before we headed off again. Seriously nice group of people here! ♡

After that we headed off to Geki Rock which I'll try to consolidate in a post with Monday's show. Hope everyone's having a lovely week!

miss wave

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