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triplevision x redbull presents kickoff party!!

Listening to old Rihanna songs while I write this post. OH SO METAL. Anyway, I had mentioned in a previous post that I'd wanted to do an interview with the "newly reborn" Make My Day: this is that!

2014.02.07 "Kick off Party!!"
So Triple Vision and Redbull hosted Kickoff Party!! as a pre-show to their annual heavy-rock event, Scream Out Fest. I was honestly too exhausted to go to SoF but I'm glad I got to go to this!

I'm sad we had to give these passes back!
I've been to a show at Tower Records only once before, I think for a show ages ago? I'm pretty sure it looked different then, but now it's known as CUTUP STUDIO. They even have a private smoking room if you're so inclined :D

The pass was pretty cool! I collect the passes I get so I was pretty bummed you couldn't keep it. This one you literally had to sign in and then out again when you left!

Back: Nori, Moo | Front: Sam, Julian

Anyway first up was our interview with MAKE MY DAY! I was a little too ambitious with interviews this past month and I have two others to post before I can put this one up, but it was still fun to shoot :)

Here's a preview of their new sound if you're curious! Though their live performance is quite impressive so I highly recommend checking out one of their shows if you're in the area ♪

I have also recently begun to realize that for all the videos that Lisa and I have shot for trick/rock., we've taken very little if any commemoration photos. So I thought I'd start a new trend for myself.


I am literally the most un-photogenic person in the entire world. Seriously, what kind of tiny baby alien head do I have? I loled though. As did they. "Jenni's head is about half the size of everyone else's." Bahahaha.

When we came back in The Twisted Harbor Town were just finishing up their rehearsal! Super excited to see them since I had their new song ↓↓ on heavy rotation he whole time I was home for Christmas :3

So good though, OMG.

After that we met The Word Alive, who were announced as the secret guest band the night before. Or maybe, day of? Can't remember now. The guys were super nice and agreed to do a mini-interview after the show but we ended up running out of time with CUTUP STUDIO's strict closing schedule. Cool guys, though!

This has almost become my standard uniform for shows. I feel if I give myself some epic sidebang and a few lip piercings I'll really start to fit in :B

The Twisted Harbor Town
They've improved so much over the past 2 and half years, or well, at least since the first time I saw them. Always considerably impressed every time I see them again!

Make My Day
Everything on the instrument side has a lower tone and the vocals are a lot rougher. They're considerably heavier than the ASTS-incarnation but I think it really works for them.

Kiba of Akiba
I particularly enjoyed their lulzy cover of "A Whole New World". Yes from Aladdain. And yes, it was fabulous.

New Breed
Like TTHT, NB are another one of those really great bands I don't manage to see nearly enough! Their sound has also gotten a great deal heavier which is nice but I definitely still love some of their old slightly pop-tinged stuff as well.

The Word Alive
Honestly, metalcore around the world is pretty similar but these guys just had so much power. Shame there wasn't a bit more room for mosh pit to expand, though!

I was introduced to Red Bull staff as well! They were both super nice and spoke flawless English. The guy even used to live in New Jersey, my actual hometown. Anyway, I told them about trick/rock. and they seemed really impressed and expressed interest in working together in the future!

I truly hope so! :)

So thank you to Triple Vision, RedBull and Tower Records for hosting such an awesome event! ♪

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