Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sakura at kanda river

Hello hello!

The last time I blogged I was still safe and sound at my parents' house in Atlanta. Seeing some friends, not getting a chance to see some, eating a lot of good food I missed, and watching Tangled a little more than once.

Can I just say how much I love Flynn Rider? Oh, excuse me. EUGENE.

I got back to Tokyo on April 2nd to...a lot of mixed feelings. I love my life here but it was really hard to leave my family this time. My mom and I cried. Almost every day I was home. I'd be lying if I said it didn't break my heart to leave this time. The last time I left I had a burning desire to follow through on the dream I'd been chasing since I was 12. A year later, I'd already done a ton of things and part of my dream had been realized,

I'd gone to shows, most of my friends that had been studying abroad had gone home and it felt really, really lonely coming back this time.  

Thankfully though, most things get better with time (or at least I like to think so!) and I've gradually gotten back into the swing of things here again. Also have a new girl at my company who's two years younger than me but we get along so well and never run out of stuff to talk about.

I gained a bit of weight in the states--and yes 2-3 pounds makes me freak out because Japan can give you a weight complex like whoa--so I decided to go for a jog. I live on Meiji Dori So I could basically run all the way to LIQUIDROOM if I wanted to!

However. I prefer going down every side-street I can find. I love Japan's wabisabi architecture; from the country places to neighborhoods here in Tokyo and I found some of the coolest places on jogs when I lived in Yokohama, too.

I turned on a side street off of Meiji Dori and pass by this shrine on my way. I always want to go take a closer look but literally every time I stumble on ones like this I'm in running clothes and I don't know. It just makes me feel kind of weird, you know? Like disrespectful somehow.

But even with my shitty!keitai is shitty phone I managed to get this shot!

Photoshopped to high hell on colors but the sun is reaaaaaaal. Up ahead I saw this huge crowd of people and a ton of sakura!

I'd accidentally ran all the way to Kanda River! It's actually quite long so I guess it's not really that hard but I was surprised nonetheless.

I was disappointed that I forgot my normal camera because this spot would have been so pretty with, well something that wasn't a keitai. So I apologize for the shitty quality and excessive Photoshop.

Planning on doing some more hanami this weekend with Ri so I'm looking forward to our first meetup! Here's hoping to better weather than last weekend and less aftershocks.

Also a big, big THANK YOU to all of my new followers recently!

I'll try to make this blog a lot more interesting soon.

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