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fukuoka & nagasaki

I'm currently waiting for about 14 files of a design project left to upload to an FTP and if I leave my computer for any extended period of time, the connection gets disrupted soooo I thought I'd take the time to write about my belated trip to Kyushu in February.

Since November I'd been planning to meet my friend Becka down in Nagasaki where she JET's in a small coastal down. Since I had to transfer to a different line in Fukuoka, my friend Liz and I planned a small meet-up as well.

By the way, when traveling from anywhere to Fukuoka (i.e. the Shinkansen) ask for Hakata-eki, not Fukuoka-eki. That will take you somewhere out in Toyama-ken. Not the same. Definitely almost made that mistake.

Bourdain; the love of my life

lynch. lynch. lynch. Aka My 葉月 love continues

After I arrived in Hakata after a 6 hour shinkanesen ride, I met up with Liz so we could go to lunch. We ended up at a place called Ocean's Ono. The main requirement to work here? You must be male, and you gotta be イケメン (ikemen = good-looking) as hell. 

This whole spread was about 850yen!

The boys were just as good-looking as the food. Like an all senses buffet. It's about an 8-minute walked from Tenjin Station so if you live in or around Fukuoka or you're planning on making a visit I highly recommend it!

After that we made our way to one of the malls (can't remember which!) for some purikura. Obligatory cloudy!Fukuoka pictures.

Favorite puri with Liz!!

After that it was time to get on the Midori No. 9 line that would take me from Hakata to Haiki where I would transfer yet again to the Seaside Liner which would take me to the small town of Kawatana where Becka teaches. Headed to small family restaurant by her house for a very late but nostalgic dinner.

Hamburg nom

Coffee + dessert!

After we walked back to Becka's, we proceeded to stay up until 5:00am and sleep until 2:00pm. Catching up with a BFFL takes a lot out of you and the two of us are talkers.  I think we only made it out of the house the next day to go to Gusto for dinner.



We'd planned on going back into the same pattern from the night before but instead thought we'd pop into the snack bar Himawari that she lives above. 3-4 hours and several drinks later, we'd managed to sing some Gackt, Green Day and amass several old man fans.

Maybe I should start a cover band after all?

The next day we were successfully and magically up before 2:00pm! Which meant we could actually do something.

I think we managed noon?

Oh oh! But it started snowing! 

Not that it stayed...

The river on the way to her school

Sooo pretty!

Ironically we still didn't plan anything huge because Becka and I are the kind of friends that--since we met almost 4 years ago--need practically nothing to have a good time together. We talk. A lot. So we planned to head to Sasebo to have lunch and shop around a bit.

The bay Kawatana sits on
On the way to Huis Ten Bosch

Kawatana is literally right on the coast and it looked absolutely gorgeous in the daytime with the hills coming right up to the water. The water is also aquamarine up close! I'm weird and really like water and mountains when it comes to landscapes. Don't ask.

Sasebo! The US military base is here so lots of foreigners

Sasebo Burger! Life size ed.

Sasebo is famous for their Sasebo Burger--as can be seen by this person-size replica in the station. Soooo...naturally as Becka and I are both not-so-closet food-junkies, we had to.

Becka!  It's cute, don't kill me!
Derp face :B
The very delicious Sasebo Burger makes its debut

Delicious coffee in a cute cup & saucer

The coffee + burger set was about 1000yen but so worth it! I can't even tell you why the Sasebo Burger is special or unique but it was and it was delicious. The coffee was also perfect; almost as good as Puerto Rico's coffee which is my long-standing favorite.

We walked around for a while and both ending up dropping about 5000-7000 yen in a cosmetics store and Tutuanna. I needed new lashes and a lipstick and legwarmers. And by need I assume that can be loosely interpreted. No pictures because I forgot.

But we did ended up at Starbucks with one of the cutest barista boys ever. He was probably younger than both of us but we ignored it and happily enjoyed his flirty charm. Cheeky kid.

Caramel Machiatoooo

We headed to the bar again that night and sang more Gackt, more Green Day a bit of Motley Crue and a song or two from the Gazette. Found we were surprisingly decent at singing 紅蓮 until we reached the end.

The next day we'd planned on going to a dog cafe in her town but woke up too late so ended up at Gusto again. There were two Rooster boys* at the station in Kawatana. One of them had a purse. Sadly I did not get a picture.

Valentine's Day hamburg-steak

It was a looooooooong trip down to Nagasaki; in hindsight if I had looked earlier I should have tried to find a cheap flight to Nagasaki Airport or something. A 6-hour trip to Hakata by Shinkansen and then about another 2-hours to Kawatana is not easy. But! I'll do anything to see a good friend; especially one that I hadn't seen in a loooong time.

I love living in Tokyo but to but honest, when it comes to visiting places, I really like going to places that not everyone goes to. The hidden places, the smaller towns. You get to see a side of Japan and of Japanese people that you don't always see in bigger cities like Tokyo or Osaka. I'm so proud of her for doing so well down there and it was so good to see a best friend; even if we really didn't do all that much.

Due to the quake + tsunami + reactors, I don't know when my next trip will be but I have traveled a lot and I thought about posting about some of those trips? Osaka, Nagoya, Tokushima, Niigata, Sendai etc.

Does anyone have any places they'd like to see? Or questions about traveling in Japan?

* A Rooster is either a host boy or a boy who looks like a host boy. (i.e. モリモリ (big) hair, pointy shoes, etc). My roomie and I coined this last year and it's stuck ever since. 

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