Monday, May 05, 2014

it's gonna be may


Or well, it is. And it's Monday which means means a new episode of Game of Thrones. But for right now it means writing a blog--about two and half months late--until Jess and I head off to see Captain America. #'murica

What have I been up to in my 2-month period of truancy? Everything. Started a new job, been to lots of shows, edited lots of videos, eaten lots of food, and tried repeatedly to take up clean eating with only moderate and sporadic success.

I'll try to catch up on everything eventually, but for now that Justin Timberlake meme floating got me thinking maybe I should just start with Golden Week.

April 30th was such a beautiful day! The weather's gotten so nice and I haven't been running in forever so I decided to re-visit an old route of mine.

Ended up running past Chinzanso Hotel and all the way to Edogawa park! It was only about 70°F, but felt much hotter by the time I got there. Shame I don't have the balls to run at night anymore. :(

May 2nd, I ended up working all day. And by that I mean 12 hours. Technically I'm only part time, but I really wanted the extra money. Just look at that rigorous and disciplined clean eating.

Since I've been feeling stressed about all the things I need to get done lately, I decided to take Saturday to run some outside errands. I wrote about getting two pairs of Vans for Christmas and I'm not lying when I say I wear them almost everywhere. It was love at first sight for the teal ones up there and on my way to the register I tried on the peach-pink slip-ons. They were too comfy to pass up! Stopped at American Eagle as well and found not only the perfect high-waisted light-wash denim shorts but also those tops up there.

Yesterday I went to meet a friend for lunch who I haven't seen in forever and then met up with friends for Mexican and coffee later that night. My new work schedule is super flexible so even though I technically missed out on the traditional golden week schedule, it was still a pretty nice weekend.

Also completely random, but I've been super into Spotify! #latetotheparty I know! I never really thought I needed a "radio station" type thing because I liked my own music so much, but lately I feel like I've overplayed almost everything.

I'm not too keen on the current season of Supernatural (that writing I mean, honestly) but ironically I've been super into Supernatural playlists on Spotify. See what I did thurr.

Vans, American Eagle, and Dean Winchester-approved classic rock. If I didn't know any better, I'd say I'm starting to sound like a proper American.

I'll see if I can catch up! I always say this with somewhat groundless optimism, but I realllly want to make some show posts! I've been to a lot and I have a lot of music I want to throw at you guys as well as some recent trips.

Until next time!
miss wave

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