Tuesday, January 25, 2011

royal party

I worked 8+ hours today yet somehow managed to spend way more money than I planned on in one day. (TωT)

Goal One: Stop letting your expensive dye job fade

First stop was EARTH. I've gone and gotten my hair cut here twice and I really like them a lot. The store is gorgeous inside; very chic and classy and the staff are all young and stylish. Both the girls and the guys are so gorgeous. o(TωT )

I always feel like I need cute makeup and clothes just to go in there.

Cute bag is cuuuuuuute. I hung it on my wall actually. Right over my fake 主催 flowers. (*^o^*)

I just got my hair colored again when I was back in the states and haven't been using colored shampoo like I should have been for the past two weeks. But! I finally caved and bought some. At 1700 yen a bottle. Yeah. He tried to sell me the big bottle for 3600 yen.

No thank you almost attractive Sir with really tiny eyebrows.

Goal Two: GO

They weren't kidding when they called it 激アツ盤 (°д°;)
It really is obscenely thick.

girugamesh's new album, GO.
Can't believe this is album, number 5. Good job, boys! ☆

Haven't really gotten a chance to listen to it but I don't really want to make this much of a music-review blog. I don't think.

Goal Three: Avoid that over-priced sweater like the plague

On my way out of the station I accidentally passed by Roomy's again. No, literally by accident. I was trying to avoid it because there was this sweater I fell in love with 3 days ago that I really shouldn't have bought. But.

I am weak. (ノω・、)


Can't wait to wear it. First ROYAL PARTY purchase and I won't even say how many bones I dropped on a sweater but akdjfa I love it so much.

New motto: If you really, really love something, just GET IT!
You'll regret it later otherwise. (´・ω・`)

All this and the only sensible thing I bought was an adapter from Bic Camera. Yes.

I'll try to finish replying to comments tomorrow! It'll be the only day I don't have to run around after work this week.

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