Monday, May 16, 2011

golden week 2011

I can't believe I haven't been able to blog in over almost two weeks! Well, Golden Week was a little weird this year as it was broken up into almost three parts. 3 days off, work; 3 days off, work; 2 days off, back to a full week of work. Needless to say I wanted to rest a lot but ended up busier than I expected.

may 01
Went out with Caroline and her lovely Momma in Sunshine City! Hit a nice family restaurant called Casa and stayed there for a while eating our omurice and drinking way too much melon soda. Caroline's mom reminded me a lot of my own mother so it was really comforting and homey to be with the two of them.

may 03
Had my nails done at Carry again! I should really start asking Someya if I can start taking pictures of the process and such from now on. She and I created this design on our own and she took a picture for Carry's catalogue.

Oh! And I had no idea until after I left but the whole time I had been sitting next to the egg model, Aina Tanaka! I had no idea who she was at the time but here is the set she had done that day. Her hair color was gorgeous. So thin, too.

Later that day I met up with Ri and her friend Moa in Meguro so we could hit a family restaurant and talk "business". By that I mean, mostly boys but I also needed her professional opinion on business cards and such as lately, every time I've been introduced to a new designer or musician, I had no business cards to show them. Which I thought was kind of unprofessional? Regardless Ri had some great ideas as always and it was so great to get her opinion. Had such a great time with her and Moa!

Swedish candy! We won't talk about the licorice XD

Moa & Ri ♥

may 04
I want to out to the IKEA in Funabashi for the first time with the intention of buying a desk. I bought it. It's gigantic and I built it all by myself. I'm more than proud.

may 05
Hung out with my friend Rebecca for the first time since before The Quake! Straight hair again that day and epically weird weather that made me completely incapable of deciding what to wear.

If you think I wear this hat too much you're probably right.

We hit Baskin Robbins, and Donki to search out some circle lenses but I honestly don't know if I can do it. I really want to but I'm so wary to drop 5000 yen on them and then not be able to put them in my eye.

Instead I picked up the BVLGARI Omnia I'd be coveting since I used dish's in March. It makes me feel like a rich, sexy person even though I am neither.

After that we headed over to Nabe-Zou so I could have my first shabu-shabu experience! I have a terrifying ability to eat epic amounts of meat when it comes to things like shabu-shabu or yakiniku. Oh. There was also lulzy purikura.

Over the weekend I went to a show with Ri and Moa but I'll put both that and this past weekend's live into a music post tomorrow. 

I'm sorry I'm so behind on blogs!  

Going to spend the rest of tonight catching up! I was miserably ill last night and could barely get out of bed today so I had to take a day off from work but tomorrow it's back to the grind.

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