Tuesday, May 03, 2011

extension rhythm @ takadanobaba

Finally finished editing the pictures from my new extensions! I wanted to dye my hair a light strawberry blond a-la my new idol, Ide Reiko but unfortunately my work told me extensions + blonde hair all at once was a little much.

However, I still really wanted to get extensions again as, contrary to what you may think, or well at least for me personally they're much easier to handle in the summer than my own hair because messy braids etc almost always look cute.

A messy outgrown bob? Not so much.

This time I went to Extension Rhythm in Takadanobaba. They were having a spring campaign that gets you 50 pieces just below your bust for only 8800 yen! I had her curl them day of for an extra 500 yen.

Hell yes I am abusing the hell out of retro PS tutorials. Please excuse the fact that I'm holding a sandwich in the first shot. There's a Starbucks between the station and my house and I was starving.

The next day I tried straightening them again and...I almost think straight is more flattering on me?

What do you guys think? Straight or curly? 

I'm also super torn on what to do with my bangs. I like this side-swept look but I don't know if I should get them cleaned up or keep letting them grow out a bit. I tossed around the idea of blunt bangs but I don't know if I can pull them off with my face shape.


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