Wednesday, May 02, 2012

golden week 2012

I'm so painfully bad at updating. Which is sad considering I really do live a fun, busy kind of life that, theoretically, I'd like to update about but never get around to. I was gonna make a FATHER TIME Y U NO LIKE ME thing but I honestly suck at memes.

Anyway so the first part of Golden Week is already over! How did that happen already? I have a lot more to update before that but hopefully my May will calm down so I can backtrack. Might potentially be taking after dish there.

And by potentially, I mean I am.

golden week→start!
I also apologize in advance that I'm totally one of those people whose entire life has become an Instagram. D:

♡ I've been coveting those acrylic drawers from MUJI and finally caved and bought them.

♡ Also tried to decoupage some old tins with even older JELLY magazines but realized it was futile without Mod Podge. Someone send me some?

♡ On Friday I went to DiverCity, an "American style" mall out in Odaiba. It was actually kind of nostalgic but to be honest I didn't find much I liked in the stores. Krispy Kreme and Auntie Anne's are right next to each other though which I'm not sure counts as a heart attack waiting to happen or perfection.

♡ Our dear friends, THE Hitch Lowke, had their very first Tokyo oneman which we had the pleasure of attending.  The flowers and presents their fans made for them were actually, quite amazing. And some HUGE guy was crowd-surfing.

♡ Spent a ton of time doing website edits (not ready to show juuust yet) and reorganizing the hell out of my room. I love it and feel so much better; it's amazing what getting a monster desk out of your room can do for your peace of mind. Food for working and my cat cavorting with my stuffed animals ensued.

♡ Went out to IKEA in Kohoku with Ri! Is it weird that I've been to IKEA more in Japan than I ever did in Altanta? Swedish meatballs are the best and could eat them again like, well now basically. On the way home we stopped for dessert by Denen-chofu Station. Soooo good. 

I can't believe it's already been a year since my last golden week post! Honestly, what have I been doing with my life. XDD Will supeeeeer try to update more, and comment, I know I'm horrible I swear. Ande's little video inspired me to set some time aside for it, not gonna lie.

Now if I could only find a small table for my room and learn how to cook, my spring would be perfect. :D

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