Monday, June 18, 2012

kyoto, i think i love you.

This past weekend I took a super belated vacation to Kansai! It's been almost 2 years since I'd been to Osaka, almost a year since Kyoto and about a year and a half since seeing my darling dish

tl;dr I really needed the vacation and I it'd been way to long since I'd seen a best friend so it was off to the night bus like the poor child I am. :D

I arrived in Osaka on Friday morning around 7AM and after some breakfast and Jay Sean...

"baby are you down down down down down"

...headed off to Kyoto♪

Start of the "Stand in the Middle of the Road and Take Photos" Series

I loved this for some reason!

Some stupid kid who plays under aqueducts.

On my off days I dress like a high-schooler who listens to Green Day

There were lots of anxious vans and bicycles that day. Basically how you would imagine Ana Lucia from LOST. Always irrationally angry and in way too much of a hurry. This also applies to vans. Either way, despite dodging vans and taking way too many baby teeth photos...

Baby teeth. We've been doing this since we were roommates and it's still a mystery. :B

...Kyoto was amazing. I love Tokyo for living, it's my city but I love traveling and I love doing it with friends. I went last year with Ri too which was also incredibly fun and yet, despite being the second time around and walking around the same area I felt like I saw an even different side of the city.

I love the atmosphere and even if you're just walking around, I feel like it's enough. Just feels so calming somehow.


Kyoto, I think I love you

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