Sunday, July 01, 2012

nara, nara, nara

I'm only two weeks late in posting about a trip this time! My trip to Kansai lasted about three days but since dish had to work on Saturday I ended up going to the park with one of my coworkers who is native to Nara.

I miss riding in cars so much it's not even funn.

I was really hoping we'd get lucky like with Kyoto and escape the rain but unfortunately it rained on and off all day which meant everything was super humid. On top, because my coworker was my tour guide I had to hide my tattoo with a button-down over my sundress aaalll day.

First stop was Todai-ji! Supposedly the largest wooden building in the world, right? Even in the rain it was really, really beautiful.

No disrespect but I found him really unsettling.

On our way to explore the rest of the grounds, we attempted to feed the deer. They're ridiculously cute but I wont lie, they're the most terrifying things when you have senbei in your hands.

That girl's face pretty much says it all.

He was pretty unoffensive :3
"Do you want to feed them again?
", not really."

Because you know, that could happen.

Normally I don't mind walking at all but it was just so humid by the time we got to the top of the next area I may or may not have been a little over-enthusiastic about having a chance to sit down.

Sooo good! I didn't expect it to be that sweet <3

There was one more dessert, an anko-rice thing but unfortunately I didn't get a mobile picture of it. Or an instagram. Which you know, basically the same these days. :D

After that we continued down about a million stairs until we got to a highly-wooded path leading up somewhere. All you could see was wet, dark wood, the insanely vibrant green of the leaves and a splash of red trim or fencing.

This doesn't even do it justice. It was so, so beautiful.

I think we probably walked about 7+ miles that day and I get hungry reaaally easily anyway so we made our way to almost the complete opposite end of the park for late lunch.


Found an amazing Indian restaurant down a back alley!

After that we were supposed to go to another shrine and explore the rest of Nara but the rain just got worse and worse so we headed back to my coworker's house to meet their family and have coffee before we all headed back to Osaka that night.

They live in this beautiful house on the side of a wooded mountain and it's so beautiful and just, wow. The loveliest family ever. I wish they could just "Nara adopt" me whenever I go back there

They also have the sweetest and most adorable dog I've ever met. A chubby but adorable long-haired dachshund named Choco-chan. I love my cat but in truth I'm 100% a dog person and, and...


We became best friends in like 10 minutes. I wanted to take her home so badly. 

I really loved Nara though. Probably not as much as Kyoto but I think it would help if I could see it when it's not raining. Even being there all day I think there were still parts of the park and city I didn't get to see so I hope I can see even more next time.

Next part will be the last day spent in Osakaaaaaa♡

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