Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hello and welcome to the most delayed blog ever. :D

Normally I just let things pass as they get too far in the past but I'm waiting for my next episode of Jensen Ackles Swag to load--and by that I mean, Supernatural--and I reaaaaally wanted to post about my darling dish coming to visit Tokyo a few weeks ago!


This is going to be the name of my band :D

Sarah arrived Sunday night and we promptly headed over to HOOTERS with Jessi. We had wings and diced steak as well but we actually ate it too fast to get a photo, haha.


Monday was a national holiday which meant no work and the promise of waking up early to meet some of our friends at the beach. Unfortunately I have horrible time management, Sarah's isn't much better and when you put us together it's basically like punching Father Time in the face. :D

So with morning Starbucks and teal nails to match we headed off to Zushi!

I am actually translucent :D

After some mishaps involving wrong trains we made up for it with delicious-but-almost-too-hot-to-eat tacoyaki and finally...

Zushi Beach!

Tiny tiny legs! XDD

I found a Beach Goth! I love that Caroline comes to the beach in full black X3

I love the beach but I'm actually not huge on swimming because I literally always manage to get bit by something when I get in the water. Fish, crab, stung by a stingray? Yeah Murphy's Law, the ocean and I don't get along.

After a few hours we hurried back to Shibuya to see a show at Milkyway I'd been invited to.

Sarah's dramatic appearance 8D
Unfortunately Milkyway, which is my favorite venue of all time by the way, didn't seem to be using the aircon so we headed next door to Mobo・Moga for dinner.

♡♡♡ doesn't even cover it

Aaand two beers and an entire taco-rice later and I was drunk. Honestly I have no alcohol tolerance whatsoever. Even when eating a plate for two. Whoops.

We've changed so much in two years, clearly.


Sarah had a show in Yokohama and I had to work so I went headed out to Sakuragi-cho as soon as I got off to meet Caroline for dinner before we met up with Sarah.

桜木町 is actually one of my favorite places ever

Looks disgusting but was actually delicious XD

Does this make you want to eat at Hard Rock? Didn't think so. DD:

I love 桜木町 so much. Even though I haven't lived in Yokohama since the end of the 2010, somehow it still feels really familiar and comfortable. I love the area, the atmosphere and since the three of us have all lived in Yokohama at some point, we're all kind of tied to it somehow ♡


Aka the day that we slept almost all day and the only successful thing we managed was gyoza and Krispy Kreme. I'm amazed I didn't gain more weight that week. XD


Sarah's last day! I had to work again so I headed over to meet her and Caroline at Sbarro for dinner before we sent her off to her bus.

Even thought it was only about a month since I'd seen her in Osaka, it was so great to see Sarah in Tokyo again. Hard to believe we've known each other since 2007-2008 and even harder to believe that it's already been two years since we were in Tokyo together back in 2010. Sometimes I feel like we were such different people back then and other times I feel like we haven't changed at all.

Either way I can't wait until I visit Osaka again or she comes back here!

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