Thursday, September 20, 2012

that time in atami

 So this definitely happened over a month ago buuuut...I'm posting it now. Predictable.

I haven't been to the beach since Tateyama almost two years ago and really needed the vacation so off to Atami! Super picture heavy, sorry about that.

cliff house that should be in supernatural

We were supposed to go only Saturday but I wanted to do some sightseeing so I went down a day earlier with my friend Ebony. It was really nice to just relax and we spent most of the day walking around through town towards the beach.

bon-chan ♡


Spent the rest of the night on the beach until it got dark. Atami is so beautiful at night.

Then some people started shooting fireworks that got a little too close so we headed back to the hotel--which you can't even see from the beach, by the way--we were that far. Who knew this part was literally the only beach in this area.

cloudy morning


mii-chan & aya ♡

Despite the impending doom of rainfall, I remained stupidly optimistic and met up with my friends the next morning. It then started pouring and since we figured the bikini's wouldn't make their grand entrance that day, decided to eat a huge lunch.

the epic nanpa boat


our lulztastic driver

We decided to go to the beach anyway and, voila. Here comes the sun. Kind of regretted a huge lunch after that but, Murphy's Child you know. Not long after setting up our beach towels we were picked up by that magical person up there. 

"Come on, let's go! Yeaaaah let's go bitch!"

I'm aware you were trying to make a beach/bitch joke but lolwat. Could have been sketchy but honestly wasn't. They were decent guys and took us out for a ride on their jet skis. 

So much fun, OMG. 

Our driver (guy in the last photo with my friend and I) was insane and drove super fast and in circles and he was just crazy and lulzy and hilarious, tbh. Never been out on a jetski so was a super fun first experience for me. Well, not on the ocean anyway. Lakes in Georgia don't really count.

aya, mittan, me, & miichan: bug children

They asked us to go to some tiny island in the distance for some dinner and drinks but it was like, "Thanks but we have plans!" Nice guys and I'm sure it would've been fine but, eh. You never know. Ended the day with more walking and finally found an onsen. Perfeeeeeect.

And now after this I'll have a week's worth of photos of my parents visiting me in Japan to edit. Yaaaaaaaaaaay.

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