Sunday, June 09, 2013

penny lane

So seeing as how we're already halfway through 2013 and I've written one entry, I've decided it's probably a good idea to break my posts up into smaller more manageable entries. I have a lot to write about but I'll do my best to play catch up! :)

For starters we'll go with mine and Lisa's fancy date in Omotesando last weekend ♡

Herbal chicken salad

"If you can't stay, take me away!"

Dressed up for club night!

Is this Holly Madison?! I swear it looks just like her.

 We were supposed to go to a Swedish club event but after dinner at this really cute little restaurant--that I totally just realized I lost the business card for--we quickly decided dessert was much more important than clubbing.

Keep in mine my current goal is trying to get ready for bikini season.
Details, really.

Being that both of us are entirely too driven by our sweet tooth, we found a sign indicating a nearby restaurant offered pancakes and waffles. After walking around for, well probably much longer than two girls should be looking for desert, we finally finally found Penny Lane!

One day I want to live somewhere like this D:

Literally just realized this was a kid with a mask!

Really cute interior and wifi!

Cute sign is cute.

Tiny Lisa! Big couch.

The most amazing pancakes you've ever seen. 

A rare day when I won "Battle of the Bangs"

Even though we blew off the club, it was actually really, really nice to get dressed up for once. I spend the majority of my time either in work clothes or in my beloved All Stars when I'm at shows so putting on strappy sandals and a flowy dress was a nice change.

That's all for now! Going to attempt curing my headache with lights out and some Big Bang Theory ♡

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