Thursday, June 13, 2013

manpaku fes

Also known as the weekend I got to sit in a classic Impala, eat to my heart's content and get the worst sunburn I've had in a while. But before that!

Friday, May 31st
My friend's band, leyline, had a show at Milkyway in Shibuya. I had to leave a little bit early but I'm really glad I got to see Rocobitch before I left! I'm normally not big on female vocalists but there's something I really like about her voice.

Rocobitch ・PV

I was invited to sever black paranoia's event as well so after that I headed a whopping 30 seconds away to Cyclone. It was packed and incredibly hot but a really good show.

sever black paranoia ・PV

Unfortunately I'm shit at taking photos in Cyclone; I don't know if it's the lighting or what but it never seems to work out for me. I'll have a mini-live report up on trick/rock. when I get the photos :)

Saturday, June 1st
On Saturday night I found out by complete chance that the first Saturday of every month is "low rider night". Which essentially means, classic car night.


Alright then.

My interest in classic cars has absolutely, everything positively nothing to do with Deano and that damn '67 Impala. Maybe.

Saturday, June 1st
We were supposed to meet in Tachikawa around 11:00 so I dragged my reluctant ass out of bed and armed myself with my All Stars and beloved iced caramel macchiato. I should also probably mention that I'd downloaded the Gatsby soundtrack the previous day and had No Church in the Wild on heavy rotation. But I was still tired. 

This will be my very Converse summer

Avocado burger!

And a coronet ♡

The most authentic melon soda you will ever have.

Kazuki, me, Lisa. Oh, and Pou-chan the Piggy.

I'd never been to Tachikawa before and it's a liiittle far away from my house much food 8D About 450 yen to get in and then you pay per item as you go around. Unfortunately it was supposed to be cooler and somewhat cloudy so I skipped on the sunscreen. So much regret, so much pain. At least my shoulders aren't lobster red anymore.

Still have a few weekends/events to catch up on! Until next time. ♫

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