Sunday, January 19, 2014

me & crowley

Aptly named for that ace purikura you see up there and the fact that I have serious soft spot for the King of Hell. And Mark Sheppard.

Anyway, my natural inclination--or maybe obligation--is to not post until I have something big or cohesive but to be honest? I really miss the ease of posting on good ol' eljay and being able to write whatever I wanted as it happened. I'm not always going to have nice Canon shots and the truth of it is, most of the time you'll probably get stuck with iPhone photos :D

 Stick with me though? I kinda want to make this more of "daily" blog because, if and when I ever decide to move again, I want to remember the places I went and the things I did while I was here. Even the little things.


Happy New Year from...Ikebukuro?
Lighted mirror courtesy of my lovely roomie! ♡

Also celebrated Lisa's birthday!
It's already been a week and a few days since I've been back and I honestly have no idea where it went. You'd think my current state of unemployment would come in tandem with boredom but I've actually been super busy. Aside from actual boring things like getting health insurance and final arrangements with my old company, I got an awesome present from my roomie and celebrated Lisa's birthday in Shimokitazawa. Unfortunately due to jetlag and being an alcohol weenie in general, I was drunk after two beers. Yes drunk, and yes you read that right. Two. Let's not talk about how I was drunk off one 22 oz beer Christmas Eve dinner while my brewski-seasoned brother looked on in shame.


me & crowley 

Though it's in my profile, I'll say it again. I really love Supernatural. Like a lot. Maybe too much. The first time I saw it towards the end of high school, it scared the shit out of me and I gave up. When I tried watching it again 4 seasons later, Satan possessed someone. NOPE.

Needless to say, too much tumblr and one SPN marathon after another and I was hooked. My friend Sarah, who is now lovingly called Sarahstiel, organized a Mexican lunch and general lulzy SPN day.

In retrospect this kind of looks like Dean Winchester cosplay D:

El Torito! Closest thing to decent Mexican I've found so far here.

Dem faces, tho.

Because honestly why wouldn't you dedicate purikura to Crowley? He's 1/3 of the reason I kept watching the show post-Season 5 anyway.

Don't know if I'm flattered or ashamed that I'm in that S☆Bux enough that they English-up my cups now XD

Nan-party with my old coworkers

Finally! Went with the 64GB silver 5S

Each of the cherry blossoms is an individual card!

I had to go into my old office to take of some final arrangements. Felt so weird being back somewhere that I used to work but not...working. Still felt like I had to take a seat at my desk or something. The overwhelmingly positive reception I got when I came in though, really made me want to cry. I will honestly and truly miss my old coworkers so much. So happy I got to work with such lovely people.

I have no idea how it's already 3:30pm and my feet are so cold I'm actually considering putting on another pair of socks.

Live show post coming tomorrow! Hopefully.

In the meantime I have a ton of band comments to edit and I'm going to try desperately to not sit and read these two until later.

♡ miss wave

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