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england | day one

So it will probably take me about a month to go through and edit the rest but I finally got the first set of my England photos edited! Let's start off with day one in London :)

My dad has business in Cambridge so a while back, my family decided we would all meet up in England for a family vacation. I flew Virgin Atlantic for the first time, too! 9/10 would fly again.  :)

The day we arrived, we made our way to The Black Friar for some food and drinks. I think I barely made it to about 9:00 before I passed out XD No Canon shots from the first day but I have a few instagrams up!

my mommy & daddy ♡

We started off with breakfast before making our way to St. Paul's Cathedral. Unfortunately no pictures were allowed inside but I tried to take as many as I could from the look out at the top! I'm not one to consider myself an acrophobe or anything so the height itself didn't bother me, but going up metal grated stairs? That part I wasn't so fond of. The Whispering Room inside St. Paul's was really cool, too!

my lil bro


haha, dad

We spent most of the day walking and exploring the area around St. Paul's, Tower Bridge, and generally just walking up and down the Thames. It was a bit chilly our first day and I was absolutely exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel for a break but I feel like we saw so much our first day! Going inside Tower Bridge was pretty cool and I really enjoyed just seeing London.

My mom had been dying to go to this pub called Ye Olde Mitre so we made our way over there after a short break at the hotel. I should mention that I was also the one who ended up finding the side street it was down, awww yeah. Anyway, I'm not quite sure how much beer and ale I drank in London but we met the loveliest people in that pub.

One guy even told us how much he wanted to go to Georgia and how we should switch houses XD

My dad had work the next day so we made our way to Cambridge that evening. I love long train rides and really enjoyed the journey there. Though it was only a hour, haha.

So yes, that was all one day! I'm not sure how we did it, but one thing I will say for my parents is that they didn't waste any time. Looking back through these pictures it's actually hard to believe we did this much, haha.

Anyway, there are like...8 more days of photos to edit? Oh lawd.

miss wave

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