Wednesday, August 20, 2014

sayonara giveaway

Hello there! If you ended up here that means you've gotten wind of my giveaway post. And yes they're all giveaways! I'll be returning to the U.S. On October 2nd after 5 awesome years in Japan and I have a bunch of stuff I'd like to go to good homes.

Is everything really free?
Yes! Everything that can be picked up in person is free! For large items: I will arrange for the items to be transported to the destination of your choice, however I would like to be compensated for the transportation fee.



(Thanks Kayla!)
Purchased two years ago. White drawers, pink doors. Can be spray painted if you don't like the color. Striped boxes included if you wish. 

(Thanks Aya!)
Full size. Bed frame with wrought-iron legs.

Low Table (Donki)
Low floor table. Black, plastic top with foldable legs.

(Thanks Kayla!)
Thick and plush black rug. It's so thick and soft you could actually sleep on it.


(Thanks Kayla!)

(Thanks Kayla!)
I've always used it as a makeup table but I think it's supposed to be an end table? 
Super light, too!



I think they're all from IKEA! Most of them are super light and def carry-able I think!

(Thanks Aya!)

(Thanks Aya!)



The heater is only a year old and I just bought the fan! Both are in super good condition and definitely light enough to carry.

(Thanks Kayla!)

(Thanks Rejon!)



(Thanks Ebony!)

(Thanks Kayla!)

Small suitcase
Small purple suitcase I bought a couple of years ago. A little scratched up from trips but still useable. Perfect size for short trips.

 I actually just bought this for England in May! Super cute pink color and great condition.
 I really want this to go to a good home!

(Thanks Kayla!)
The edges light up!

Multi-size frames (IKEA)
9 frames in various sizes. Feel free to change the pictures or keep them if you like! 
They're all filled with hipster goodness from Tumblr.

Decorative flower

(Thanks Kayla!)
Arranged by my roommate's grandma and still in super great condition! 
Anyone have a pink themed room?


And that's it! If you're interested any of the above items please contact me as follows:

1. Facebook
3. Leave a comment here

First come, first serve!

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