Sunday, January 18, 2015

fish tacos, pier walkin' & pups

So I'm not sure whether to say, "Happy 2015!" or slink away in shame for never, ever being able to keep a promise to maintain a blog.

There's been a lot of developments and probably a lot more I could say on an introspective front, but before I go aaaany further I still want to post about my last couple days in LA.

Even staying so many days (sorry guys!) I managed to find myself pretty busy almost every day. Oh, and spending a lot of time with Carrie and Joey's adorable pup, Lily. Just look at that wittle faaaace.

With two full days, left I made plans to meet my cousin again around Los Feliz for a hike around Griffith Observatory on Monday.

Neither of us realized the observatory was closed on Monday, but we still managed to get in a nice hike. Still way too hot in LA for sweaters in November, though. Should've thought that one, through. Afterwards we stopped for fish tacos at the aptly titled Best Fish Taco in Ensenada. Lots of reminiscing about family; cookouts in Jersey and Philly, and our beloved grandpa.

That night Carrie and I went down to Santa Monica Pier for food and exploring. In the almost 10 days that I was in California, I never managed to make it to the beach during the day. Regardless Santa Monica was a really nice area. Oh, and we might have had soft pretzels for dinner. Like a lot of them. Thanks Wetzel's Pretzels.

On Tuesday I drove to Pasadena to meet with my darling Nina! I don't think I ever had the chance to blog about our first meet up in Tokyo, but Nina and I hit it off pretty much instantaneously; basically besties in under 30 minutes. It was kind of bittersweet that we met right before I'd decided on leaving because we'd had so many similar life experiences, guy troubles, and worries that I feel like we really could've helped each other through a lot of them.

But! We managed to meet-up in California which was kind of amazing in and of itself. We met up and then spent the next 4+ hours doing what we do best: sitting in a cafe and talking.

Even though my Japan adventure is over, I wish her the best for her continued adventures in Japan! Maybe I'll make it back for a visit one day♡

My thoughts on LA?
Actually I did like it. It was my first trip ever to the West Coast--wait, no actually I went to Seattle in college--but it was my first trip to California and it was a totally new and different experience.

But...I don't think it's for me. LA that is.

I think a lot of times, you kinda just know. I don't really know how, but I just get a feeling. When I was in Japan, I managed to travel a lot and even after all that traveling--from Sendai to Okinawa--I always knew that Tokyo was the right city for me. Not that other cities weren't great.

Likewise with LA, I realized pretty early on that while it was an awesome place to visit, I wasn't sure I wanted to make it my next adventure.

Speaking of which, I've gone through three other incarnations of my next "adventure city" since my trip to LA and I'm pretty sure I've decided; though the answer will probably shock a lot of people.

Two phone interviews before the end of the month so we'll see what happens!


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