Monday, May 04, 2015

red bull live on the road 2014

It's Music Monday! Let's go back to Studio Coast at Shinkiba for Red Bull Live on the Road 2014.

august 28, 2014 | red bull live on the road 2014 @ studio coast

crystal lake



we came as romans



and the winner is...


My last RBLOTR event before leaving was pretty awesome! I had met two of Japan's Red Bull staff at an event earlier in the year and was really excited for the chance to possibly interview a few bands on the final leg of the; namely Crossfaith, Crystal Lake, SiM, and competing bands Henlee and Reptile.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints as well as a completely packed schedule and venue, we could only interview one band, but thankfully that happened to be winning band HenLee. The interview was pretty funny and the guys really hammed it up for the camera.

Is it just me though, or do bands just keep getting younger and younger? XD


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