Friday, March 20, 2015

sunset bbq @ yuigahama beach

Today's #flashback friday heads back to Yuigahama Beach in Kanagawa for a BBQ planned by my  good friends Chico and Eri.

sunset bbq @ yuigahama beach

True to form, rain is nearly always waiting for me in Shonan, haha. By the time we got to Yuigahama beach, the rain had started and we walked to the "beach house" with t-shirts and towels draped about our heads. Why Kanagawa? Why do you always rain on me?!

The beach house that Chico and Eri rented out was really nice. The interesting thing about "beach houses" and restaurants in Shonan, is that they're really not houses at all, more like outdoor lounges and restaurants. To top it off, they change every year! They go up and go down over the course of the summer and are reincarnated as something totally new the next year. Which is pretty cool.

One thing I don't love, however, is their massive NO TATTOO rule. I get that Japan isn't as forgiving regarding tattoos and I can understand it in onsen and water parks, but at the beach? It's kind of like the last bastion of freedom and water sport. I really hope that rule gets a lot more lax in the following years.

That being said, Yuigahama Beach is beautiful and I love seeing the mountains and hills roll right up to the beach; it was an amazing end of summer day to spend with some of the best friends I'd made in Japan and enjoy one of my favorite areas of Kanagawa before leaving.

由比ケ浜 (Yuigahama Beach)
4 Yuigahama, Kamakura 
248-0014, Kanagawa Prefecture

Here's to hoping it's sunnier for you guys!


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