Friday, March 13, 2015

glorious chain cafe

Soon before leaving, I asked my friend Reimi, a stylist at Breen Tokyo, if she could style my hair and take some more professional headshots for my resume. This was followed by yakitori, drinks, and more sweets than one should consume in one sitting :D

flashback |  glorious chain cafe

Thanks for the hairdo, Reimi!

caramel banana pancakes

l-r: yomi, t.j., me, reimi, don-chan, julian

From the salon, Reimi and I made our way to Shibuya (with a pit stop at Cinnabon on the way) to meet our friend Don-chan, (Take Amublance) and T.J. (Her Name in Blood). After drinks and yakitori (because you can never have enough chicken on a stick) we headed over to Diesel's Glorious Chain Cafe to meet up with Julian (Make My Day) and tattoo artist Yomi.

This night was so fun and one of those times where I found myself realizing how much I would miss walking between Shibuya and Omotesando and just running into friends. I remember the first time I met each one of these people and sitting there having wine and cheese with everyone and splitting decadent pancakes with Don-chan, I realized how much I would miss them.

Anyway! Things you should check out next time you're in TKY:
Yomi's tattoos (He did my first one!)
Her Name in Blood
Breen Tokyo
Take Ambulance (Unfortunately, they've disbanded but still good!)
Make My Day
Glorious Chain Cafe

Let's all meet up again someday! Atlanta or Tokyo, haha :)


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