Monday, March 16, 2015

make my day tour final @ club seata

Today's Music Monday is about Make My Day's tour final at Club Seata in Kichijoji with My First Story and girugamesh.

september 15, 2014 | make my day tour final @ club seata

hahaha, sam


make my day

Somehow, I got really lucky and was able to see almost all of my friends' bands one last time before I left, including Make My Day! I'd met Sam, Nori, and Julian a few years earlier when they were in their previous bands (Remembering Sensation and Ashley Scared the Sky) and on top of having some pretty awesome heavy music, they're all super nice guys, too.

Do I know any mean musicians? I dunno. Everyone was always pretty chill XD

Anyway, Landon was going to help me shoot an interview so we stopped at Saku-Saku Maple Shou for that decadent masterpiece you can see up there, so good, holy mother of pastries.

We shot an interview with the guys, but unfortunately we never finished it. Hopefully we'll get around to it one day though because it's pretty hilarious. The show itself was great, too! I'm always happy to see girugamesh as they used to be my favorite band once upon a time, and MMD never disappoint either. Always heavy, always wild, always great.

I also met Laura for the first time! She's a sweetheart and a half and she has a pretty awesome blog, too so check it out! I'm glad we finally got to meet over music and taco rice :)

Check! | Kichijoji 

Saku-Saku Maple Shou
1-1-6 Kichijoji Honcho
Musashino, Tokyo
Jingle Jangle
1-23-7 B1 Kichijoji Honcho
Musashino, Tokyo
Club Seata
1-20-3 Kichijoji Honcho,
Musashino, Tokyo

I was thinking that putting up the addresses might make my blog a bit more useful? I may not be in Japan anymore, but if people stumble on this blog I'd like to be able to provide some more options for eats and entertainment besides Sukiya and Gusto, haha.  Hopefully it's helpful?

 ♡ jennifer

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